Monday, July 13, 2020

Review for Connors Steak and Seafood Turkey Drive Knoxville

Good evening good people and Happy Monday to you!!!! Today was a good day!!! After being blessed to see another year this Saturday I decided to go with my motto and treat myself!!! Today we are going to talk about a restaurant that I heard a lot about and well it lived up to the hype.

Connors had a variety of different cuts of steak. And well, I felt I deserved a steak!!! Lol. But steak is not the only thing that will catch your eye. Their seafood options were pretty tempting as well.  They give a nice selection of sides that will perfectly go with whatever entree you decide on. 

Today I went with the ribeye and loaded baked potato.  Before crushing the entree like a champ, I had a side salad made with fresh greens, lettuce, carrots, almonds and tomato. You can never go wrong with a good salad. 

Now let's talk about this steak.  The steak was cooked exactly how I requested. The seasoning used was simple and there was no need to use any type of sauce. (Great steaks need no sauce.) And the loaded baked potato was just the side to compliment this beautiful piece of meat. I had to take picks to make sure to cherish this meal and the happiness I felt after eating this deliciousness. 

Now you would think they would be more than enough but I messed up and asked the server about the dessert menu. He begins the list by advising they have a chocolate mousse cake. After hearing the word chocolate my ears went deaf, a piece for me for the road please and thank you. 

All in all it was a great experience. The service was top notch.  The homie Bryan Cook joined me and we had some A-1 food. I know eventually I will be back for sure.

Today's review is going to be a phenomenal 5X Tee and I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this experience once in your life.

Well, I  stayed awake long enough to give my review.  I hope you all are staying safe and taking care of your loved ones. Make sure to tell someone you love them but most importantly, make sure you treat yourself!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Review for Tastee's

Good evening good people!!! It has been  while but I am back and have a review for a small company that is about to change the game.

The company I am talking about is Tastee's.  They can be found on Facebook and Instagram and the menu is growing daily. It's a local company that right now specializes in lumpias, but looks forward to other items the people want. The lumpias are sold frozen, which gives you the space to make how many you need at that time. And they are always looking for suggestions. 

So let's talk about these lumpias shall we!!!! These things are phenomenal!! I have always heard about them but never got around to trying them. I was blown away with the three different kinds I got to taste. Each one was one I would recommend to anyone. My favorite would be the Philly Cheesesteak. 

If you are looking for something new or ready to support your local community,  reach out to Toshi Williams on Facebook or Instagram under Tastee's.  She will be more than happy to fulfill your needs.

So as you can tell,  I enjoyed these lumpias with no question.  They are getting a 5X Tee without a question.  I recommend you get you orders in and have a treat. 

As always I want to say thank you as always for taking a little time to read my review.  I hope you enjoyed and will give Tastee's a try. As always show love to the ones who are near and dear to you but make sure to treat yourself!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Review for Wings on Knox Cumberland Avenue

Hello and thank you for coming back to the blog good people.  Today I have a review for you for a wing spot I have been wanting to got to for a while and finally got the chance to check them out. Wings Over Knox has been open for a few months now and I have heard mixed reviews.  But everybody should know, good or bad, you have to try things for yourself. 

Let's talk about the environment.  This place is a spot for all ages. (Late night I would say the younger crowd because it's on campus.) Now most places you go for wings are going to have bars so you can wash down these wings with some suds but not Wings Over Knox and that's not a bad thing. This place is there to provide you good food minus the extra, which we all can use at times.

The hours are accommodating to all types of schedules.  Lunch, dinner and even late night they got you covered.  On the weekends they are open until 4 AM and I know enough people who need them wings to end the festivities on a good note. (And yes people is me. I am people. )

So let's talk about the food,  the main attraction. I can into the meal a little skeptic but was very pleased with the size of the wings. As I have said before,  in most place around the city there has been a wing epidemic. They have a good selection of sauces and dry rubs to choose from. It's a very simple menu and the pricing is actually pretty good for what you get, all and all on the same level as the other spots. 

So, I got the chance to get some free wings for joining their email group so I got three flavors on my plate today. (In true Fat Boy style) I had the Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili and Korean Fire. All three were very good. I was surprised by the Lemon Pepper and have to say they were some of the better ones I have had.  They gave you just enough rub to were you got the flavor and didn't feel like you were eating wings dipped in mop cleaner.  The Sweet Chili were the perfect blend of sweet glaze with the right amount of kick. The Korean Fire was the surprise but it didn't disappoint and I was glad I got them. The waffle fries were a excellent compliment to the wings but you can also get tots or onion rings. The only thing missing was some celery but that's minor in the scheme of things.

All in all, this place I will go back to. Tje wings were good,. The atmosphere is laid back and I would recommend this place to my people. Wings Over Knox gets a 4X Tee from me and next time I hope we can catch the game.

As always, make sure to enjoy the people around you but most importantly make sure you treat yourself!!!! Thanks as always for checking me out!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Review for Central Filling (Food Truck Love)

It's that time of the year again good people!!! Tonight,  Central Filling had the first gathering of the season and what a way to start it off!! Now the weather was a little nippy but man, the food I got was excellent and I'm gonna tell you about!!!

For those who are not familiar, Central Filling is located off Central Avenue and host several food trucks through out the year.  The trucks bring a variety of different types of food that will leave you full and ecstatic. If you love food trucks, this is the place to go.

So, tonight I will be focusing on two of the trucks that I did get food from. I will first start by saying one of my favorite trucks were on the set, Oakwood BBQ and I always have to show love. These guys are still serving up that good good and you need to check them out. Facebook or Instagram or both, they are out here and ready to turn you into a fan.

So the first truck I tried this evening was CJ's Taco Truck.  They have a wide range of tacos available and if you know me, I enjoy my tacos. Since it was my first time, I wanted something outside of the traditional. My selection tonight was the Asian Fusion. These tacos were amazing.  The incorporation of Asian influence in a taco was the perfect mesh. Chicken served with an Asian slaw and a nice sauce. Needless to say this was a great way to begin the night. 
And if it couldn't get better, CJ'S is getting a brick and mortar in the Embassy Suites Downtown. Check them out.

The next place on the menu was Chef Aaron's Creations. These guys have a plethora of items that will please your appetite.  I was feeling the Asian vibe for the evening so I went with the Asian Pork Nachos.  Now these nachos are far from average and have all sorts of flavor.  The combination of the slaw, pork and their sweet and sour sauce were unexpected.  The three worked together well and made a big impression on me. I will for sure be back to this truck to experience all they have to offer.

Besides the weather,  this was a great outing and will only get better as the weather gets warmer.  The only way to finish it off and make the night complete is with some crafts at Elkmont Exchange.  The Central Filling gets a 5X Tee for bringing all this love together in one place.

Make sure you love the ones who love you and most importantly make sure you treat yourself!!!!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Review for Casen's Steakhouse on Kingston Pike

Good evening and thank you for joining me again on the Fat Boy Problems Blog. Today I visited a place that has been popping up on my page a lot. Curiosity got the best of me so I went in to see what the restaurant had to offer.

Now when you go to the restaurant and you put it in your GPS it may seem familiar but it is a brand new restaurant.  To me, it would be a great place for a special family outing or a date night with that special someone.  (Make sure they're that special someone. Lol) You will want to make sure you have your duckets in check as well. The prices are comparable with other steakhouses in the area.

So, I had my mind on steak from the gate. The menu has a variety of different plates and appetizers that will tantalize your taste buds. I went with the Cowboy Ribeye with a baked potato and a house salad. The steak was perfectly seasoned.  It needed no type of sauce, which is always the sign of a great steak. They cooked it to my specifications and boy it did the trick. (Couldn't finish it and lunch will be fire tomorrow.)

All in all, this restaurant met my expectations.  The steaks were as good as they looked on Facebook.  The butter/herb blend they used to cook the steak in was awesome.  Could have got other sides but what is a steak without a potato right? And I do enjoy a good salad. 

I will be back to eat again and give this restaurant 5X Tee and the itis is real. Take the time to spend with your loved ones and let them know you care. And most of all, treat yourself!!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review of Southern Grit in the Old City

Happy New Year everyone and it's time for the first blog of the new year!!!! (Did you miss me? Lol) I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that your year will be the greatest!!!!

Today, I asked people about a restaurant I have wondered about every time I drove by it. Southern Grit is the new kid on the block and the name itself makes you wonder what they are cooking up. Will it be down-south, mouthwatering Southern cooking or will it be someone's modern take on the deliciousness that I know and love? It's 50/50 and had to hear what the people say. The majority stated it was good food and that they would be back. Well, guess whose turn it was the evening? This guy!!!

Let me say, the look for the restaurant is very classic but modern. It's a family friendly place and if you are with your friends for a night out, it will be a great place to start. I went to the bar because it was just me and the bartender was excellent with her service.

The menu was very simple and gave you a nice selection to choose from. Appetizers and the whole nine are available and may I recommend the biscuits to start your night. The biscuits were amazing (Can't pass up on some good biscuits.) and served with syrup and honey butter. Now let's talk about the entree!!!

I went in saying to myself I need to try something different.  I need to open up and get a taste of something that is out of my comfort zone.  Then I saw they had chicken and waffles and that just went out the window!!! The last few times I got chicken and waffles,  I really wasn't impressed.  I was actually kinda disappointed and didn't think I would find a great place in the city. I found that place today!!!

First, this is the first place in the city I have come across that doesn't use chicken tenders with their chicken and waffles!!! Call me crazy but when I think chicken and waffles I want my chicken on the bone. (Wings, breast, whatever!!!) They give you a nice chicken breast cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside, nice and juicy on the inside. Also, you get your choice of heat level.  The bartender advised me of the levels and I wisely went with the medium. (She advised that the hot was habanero hot and I am not built like that! Like spicy food but it doesn't like me.) It is plated on top of a nice, fluffy waffle and served with maple syrup.  I love that they served it on top of the waffle.  Some of the seasoning from the chicken ends up on the waffle and gives a nice combination of sweet and spicy. 

All in all, I enjoyed my meal thoroughly.  The chicken was seasoned properly and stayed moist.  The waffle was the perfect compliment to the chicken and the syrup was the icing on the cake!!! Let's just say the Clean Plate Club was represented tough today.  This place lived up to the talk that was being shared all around and I will return for sure. We are starting the year off with a 5X Tee and hope there are more to come!!!

As always,  take the time to enjoy those around you. Continue to make memories that will last a life time. But most importantly,  take the time to treat yourself!!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Review for Savelli's on Sutherland Avenue

Good afternoon and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!! Today, I ate local. Today, I went to a restaurant that I have passed on several occasions and told myself I need to go. Well I made it happen and went for some Italian today.

Savelli's is a mom and pop restaurant that was established in 1993. Several people I know have told me great things about the food and being that Italian may be my favorite type of food, I can't miss. Plus going to a place like this insures you will receive some of the most authentic food in the city. It's a small establishment so make sure you get there early. Open Monday-Saturday,  11a-2p for lunch and 4p-9p for dinner. 

The menu gives you all the classics that you expect with some servings of the house specials. Pricing for the food is fair being this is a mom and pop restaurant and cost can run higher.  They have desserts and the whole nine but after my meal a dessert would have had me a sleep at my table.

Today I went with ome of my favorite dishes, Baked Ziti.  When it comes to Italian food, if your ziti is not on point,  the rest of your food is probably bad as well.  Today was not the case. The Baked Ziti was phenomenal.  The portion size they give you is the right amount for a big boy like myself, could easily be 2 meals for a light eater. The sauce was robust and had lots of flavor.  Everything blended so well and the cheese was melted down to perfection. (The stretch on the cheese was award-winning stretch in my eyes.) And the wait for service and food were minimal which is always a plus.

This restaurant will see me again for sure. The people were friendly,  the food was great and I was full at the end.  This place gets a 5X tee from me and I recommend you check it out for yourself. 

We are coming up on Thanksgiving so let's make sure we surround ourselves with the ones we love and most importantly make sure to treat yourself!!!!